Levine Architects | Melting Barns

Melting Barns


In naming this series, some people have challenged me, arguing that “Barns don’t melt.”

Just like an ice cube sitting on a counter, a neglected barn morphs from solid to liquid state –  it gets eroded by termites and dry-rot microbes, then collapses from gravity. In a sense, it “melts”.  It feels like watching a movie running backwards, observing the deconstruction and reverse engineering, and then returning to the level playing field, pre-dating the ground breaking.

How ironic: for an Architect focused on constructions, to search for sufficient decay to compose watercolor sketches documenting degradation and nomadic indifference.  By capturing a snapshot of their condition with a map for their locus, we overcome the amnesia of history.

Nota bene: lacking human intervention, over time, nature de-composes the sticks of construction back to the ashes and dust of the earth.

Design by Ted Levine