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Presidio Orienteering Plan

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For our first entry, we present our concept for the Presidio Orienteering Challenge.

The Proposed Plan

07 22 14 Aerial axonometric

I: For Orientation

The Presidio Gateway Park is located at the northern edge of San Francisco. This 13-acre park connects the original center of the presidio, the Parade Ground and the Officer’s Club at the Main Post to the Tidal Marsh, Crissy Field and the Northern water front.

08 13 14 Diverter Folie

II: Conceptually

Our idea is to create a Cultural Orienteering Center that has a grid of information kiosks, which map the historical and technological development of the Bay Area. The kiosks, like electronic “Follies” are spaced to encourage strolling and interactive learning. The east-west axis follows the westerly prevailing wind from the Golden Gate to chart the historical progression, starting with Native American pre-1776 legacy up to the present. The north-south axis climbs up from the maritime / nature edge of the Bay, proceeding through plant and animal evolution, to human and technological progression, culminating in the interface border with the Military museum of the Parade Ground.

08 12 14 Perspective looking east Presidio Gateway

III: Macroscopically

Within the center of the Orienteering Park, the story at each kiosk is determined by its location at the intersection of the historical and technological functions. As a multi-media experience, the digital presentation is amplified by up-close artifacts and relics, in addition to full scale, dramatic city views of the geologic and cultural forces.

08 12 14 Bird view Presidio

IV: Individually

The overall map is controlled by a smart phone app that connects to a GPS satellite overhead. This allows users and students to have an overview of the entire park and allows them to satisfy their individual curiosity and adapt to the specific offering tailored for a given day, tidal phase, or season.

V. Universally

When each kiosk site is populated, a visible beam of colored light connects it to a GPS satellite overhead. Greater interest will stimulate popular curiosity, as a banner and symbol for this modern, interactive, educational Cultural Orienteering Park.

08 01 14 Satellite view of Presidio
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